MESSTHETICS – “The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis” LP


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Black vinyl. 2024

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The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis – LP

Ever wondered what Fugazi would sound like if Ian and Guy were replaced by an acclaimed jazz tenor saxophonist? Heavily groove-lead, and often laid back, but also wild and bursting-out with kinetic energy. Instrumental music is rarely stretched as wide as this: cross-pollinating punk, funk, jazz, prog, aggression and innovation. This album is for Fugazi/punk enthusiasts and hip jazzers alike. And even better, each song stands-up as a strong, individual composition (rather than the the meandering, background mood-music that you might expect from a fusion like this) – nine memorable tracks in total. Ach, I’m getting old, my worst fears are confirmed: a comfy pair of jazz slippers await my tired, resting feet.

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