MELVINS – “Bullhead” LP


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Black vinyl, gatefold sleeve, 2017

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Melvins – “Bullhead” LP

The third album, two years after 1989’s Ozma, still blessed with the presence of Lorax on bass (aka Lori Black, ex Clown Alley), completing the holy trinity alongside Dale and Buzz (surely one of the all-time best line-ups for the Melvins?). Following-0n from the previous two albums, punctuated, as they were, with blasts of Black Flag and permeated throughout with Sabbath, Bullhead marked a progression towards a more stoner-rock version of the Melvins that was more about the drone. It was born from the same point in time as the grunge/Seattle-rock phenomena – which the Melvins had more than a helping foot in kick-starting. Buzzo, you daft old reactionary git, we still salute you.

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