MALLEUS – “The Fires Of Heaven” LP


Armageddon Label

Orange/red vinyl, gatefold sleeve, includes zine style booklet. 2024

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Malleus – “The Fires Of Heaven” LP

Expanding on their influences from the seminal first wave era of death and black metal, the Boston (Massachusetts) three piece return with their first full-length album, following on from the previous two mini-albums that were also released by Armageddon Records. Eight savage bursts of fucking heavy fucking metal “sent forth from the gloomiest crypts and corners of olde New England”. Lovecraft would be shitting his baggy-kneed breeches. Malleus must share a huge enthusiasm for the early years of Slayer, with thunderous rhythms and riffs straight of out the Reign In Blood gospels; while the vocalist reveals a yearning to replicate the first Bathory album.

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