FROZEN SOUL – “Encased in Ice” LP


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180 gram black vinyl, includes A2 poster. 2021

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Frozen Soul – “Encased in Ice” LP

2019’s dedut 12″ from Dallas Texas’ Frozen Soul lives up to both their band name, and the record’s title (less so their geographical location) as their savage brand of Bolt Thrower inspired death metal is the perfect soundtrack to having your nackers and nether regions frozen-off in the middle an artic blizzard. Chilly fuckers. The new ‘deluxe’ version of Encased in Ice – perfectly timed for the arrival of 2021’s winter features the original 12″ EP, plus four additional songs: a cover of Slayer’s “Mandatory Suicide”, Entombed’s “Morbid Devourment”, a track originally released through Decibel magazine’s Flexi Series, and a demo version of the track “Crypt of Ice” (taken from the debut album of the same name). Repackaged with new artwork and and including a limited poster.

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