I RECOVER – “Until I Wake Again” LP


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Black vinyl. 2023

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I Recover – “Until I Wake Again” LP

From Cologne, Germany, and featuring a US expat from Punch/Bullets In. This is their first 12″, following on from two previous 7″ EPs, and it continues their mission of reinventing 90’s emo and late 80’s Revolution Summer/DC hardcore. There are traces of hand-printed paper sleeves in their sound – you know what I mean: Sunney Sindicut Records, Eucalyptus Records etc. – but a tight energy and near perfect production are more similar to Jawbreaker – if maybe Jawbreaker had been based in DC rather than San Francisco. And even more so, I recover are like a version of  Moss Icon that, rather than slowing things down, had instead continued with the wild, hardcore intensity that they had debuted with on their Hate In Me 7″.

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