CONSOLATION – “Repulsive Reflections” 7″


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Black vinyl (250 copies), includes large insert. 2023

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Consolation – “Repulsive Reflections” 7″

Overdriven overtures from these Norwich/Sheffield noise punks (ex members of Jackals, Revenue, Crows-An-Wra and Losing Sleep), six tracks on their first proper 7″ EP (presuming last year’s two track lathe cut 7″ doesn’t count as a proper 7″). I’m out of my depth trying to figure-out whether Consolation are “egg punk” or “chain punk”… actually, I’d bravely say more egg punk than chain punk. But only by a slim margin. Because, while the vocals and volume are raging and blisteringly loud (probably the Jackals DNA making it’s presence felt), the colourful sleeve/poster help tip the scales towards egg punk. A great new addition to the recent tradition of noisy DIY punk, and ideal for anyone that willingly suffers Gag, Warthog, K-Town Hardcore Fest, 11PM Records, Static Shock Records etc. etc.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × .5 cm