INDIAN SUMMER – “Giving Birth To Thunder” LP


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Colour vinyl, includes 28 page booklet. 2023

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Indian Summer – “Giving Birth To Thunder” LP

Among the best of the Halcyon days of 90’s DIY hardcore/emo – Hoover, Policy Of Three, Current, Native Nod, CFD, Boilermaker, etc. – Indian Summer stood out as one of the most enchanting bands. Elusive too, they were short lived and recordings were limited to a mere hand-full of split 7″s and compilation tracks, all of which are compiled here in this discography full-length: 10 songs, including a 28 page book, housed within a handsomely embossed/printed card sleeve – true to the origin’s aesthetics. I’m not too sure how this discography correlates with the CD version that came out on Future Records – this version has an additional track, and some differences in song titles (?).

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