ICD10 – “Faith In Institutions” LP


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Black vinyl, includes lyric insert, poster and download. 2022

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ICD10 – “Faith In Institutions” LP

The debut vinyl from this Philadelphia band who have their own original take on hardcore punk. Featuring members of Philly heavyweights Fuckin’ Lovers and Poison Ruin…”ICD10 sounds like they’ve soaked up 40 years of hardcore history and are sweating it out into a battered denim jacket covered in rusted studs and faded band logos”. Layered noise with wild, whaling guitars and fast, smash-bash beats, providing the platform for some traditional ranty protest punk – an ‘anti’ band in the true sense, as in authority, capitalism, conformity, religion etc. Overall, not dissimilar to Bad Breeding in some respects, but with a load more hardcore vitality pumping through their veins, making for a more exhilarating and explosive ride.

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