HIATUS – “From Resignation​.​.​. ” LP


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Black vinyl, includes poster insert and download. 2022

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Hiatus – “From Resignation… To Revolt” LP

The debut album from Belgium’s Hiatus, originally released in 1993 by Sound Pollution Records. Archetypal protest punk of the early 1990s; fast, raw, angry, and heavily influenced by Scandinavian hardcore (as indeed were other bands that Hiatus were similar to: Doom, Fleas And Lice, Misery, Capitalist Casualties, E.N.T. etc.). From a time when this style of black-clad (with patches) thrash was limited to a few scenes  (Bolton and Bradford primarily in this country), but also interconnected to an ever-healthy chain of squat venues full of like-minded booze-guzzling activists that spread across the whole of mainland Europe and beyond. “The range of lyrical topics is shockingly still too relevant even three decades later. Poverty, Police Violence, Fascism, Sexists, Warmonger, Drug abuse, Animal rights, Sell outs… a pest that has never been resolved thirty years later.”

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