HERESY – “Face Up To It!” Double LP


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Coloured vinyl with CD, gatefold sleeve. 2016

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Heresy – “Face Up To It! Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition” Double LP and CD

After the landmark split LP with Concrete Sox in 1987 every young skate punk was buzzing with expectation for a Heresy full-length. The Nottingham band, at this point in time, and on a global level, were probably the most recognised and celebrated UK hardcore band of them all, and what should have been album of the year when it was finally released in 1988 turned out to be a bit a calamity… The production has always been blamed, but I think there is more to it than that. These were fast times. Too fast maybe. And new guitarist Baz, fresh from serving in Ripcord, probably needed more time to settle-in, because lets face (up to) it, bassist Kalv Piper and drummer Stephen Charlesworth during the preceding years had become a very formidable and insanely fast rhythm section, and it would have been A tall order for any guitarist to keep up with their pace. Alas, the world never got the Heresy full-length that was expected, but, thirty years later, the attempts by original members to restore and remix the old tapes has indeed given that recording session a new lease of life, sounding a lot less flat and murky compared to the original, released by In Your Face Records in 1988. Made available, once again, with the extra tracks that originally were only available for the Japanese release. This goes quite a long way towards righting a historic wrong.

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