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Red vinyl, includes stickers. 2021

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Fright – Self-titled 12″ EP

The restless spirits of yesteryear are back to haunt us once again: Fright, featuring members of Citizens Arrest, Devoid Of Faith, Down In Flames, Das Oath, 97A, Ramoms, Monster X, Grey C.E.L.L., and Soft Dov. Based in both Philadelphia, PA, and New Jersey, these guys have bonded in their shared enthusiasm for a timeless variation on punk-thrash. With hints of Burning Spirit, mid-80s UK hardcore, and loads of riff-based crossover mayhem. All faultlessly delivered by experienced old hands who bring their extensive musical knowledge to the metal-punk table, while keeping it raw and dangerous. Six track mini album, on red vinyl, in a limited edition of 400 copies, comes with a handful of stickers, and front cover artwork by Sugi.

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