F.O.D. – “Down With People” LP


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Black vinyl . 2015

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Flag Of Democracy – “Down With People” LP

The Piladelphia trio’s third album, released in 1990 by Bitzcore and Rave Records. Unsung heroes of late 80’s American hardcore, F.O.D. were insanely fast¬† and they wrote insanely great songs. There was an element of genius at work in what they played. Like I say, unsung heroes, who were overlooked at the time, maybe because back then we were flipping-out to Gorilla Biscuits and Born Against. Production for this album was a little off-putting, maybe a little compressed, I’m not sure, the previous two albums, Shatter Your Day and 23,¬†jumped out of the vinyl a little louder, and bolder. But playing Down With People again now, in 2024, all I’m feeling is gushy love and admiration. Amazing musicianship and sublime song writing, with a fine, fired-up, bratty punk rock attitude.

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