ELLIOTT – “U.S. Songs” LP


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Clear green vinyl. Includes download. 2015

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Elliott – “U.S. Songs” LP

Elliott’s debut full-length U.S. Songs was released in ’98 and went on to become a massive album in America. The reports at the time indicated that they were an amazing live band, and as they never managed to make it over for a Euro tour, they remained relatively under appreciated on this side of the Atlantic. And that’s a shame, because, this is a strong, well executed debut album – a surging mix of Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is The Reason, along with the hardcore kick of Falling Forward (their earlier incarnation); in the process pre-empting bands like At The Drive-in and …Trail of Dead. With the duelling dynamics of the two guitarists and the hard-hitting propulsion of an amazing drummer, this is the sound of ’90s hardcore kids taking on indie rock and winning. 2022 pressing in translucent green vinyl.

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