DREADNOUGHT – “The Endless” LP


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Black vinyl, sleeve with spot gloss, includes fold out insert and download. 2022


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Dreadnought – “The Endless” LP

Denver’s Dreadnought return with their fifth full-length album, marking a further evolution in their sound, moving slightly away from their doom metal roots and incorporating a greater amount of post-metal influence. The center point, as before, are the joint vocal talents of guitarist Kelly Schilling and keyboardist Lauren Vieira, both of whom manage to flow from howling witch banshee to calmer, Kate Bush/Comus style, folk-lullabies with talented ease. As a music style, progressive/post metal can easily slip into pompous self indulgence, but Dreadnought keep it smart, and with post rock suss. The other two musicians might be very talented too (I think they probably are), it’s just that your attention is drawn elsewhere (but as a backing band, they do their job brilliantly, always pushing things forward, rising up for the epic crescendos). A dense album, with over 40-minute runtime, it’s a bit like curling-up with a great novel, sorted for a winter’s night.

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