ARTS – “Graveside Summoning: Flaming Dagger” 7″


Youth Attack

Red, orange and yellow ‘fire’ vinyl. 2020

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Arts – “Graveside Summoning: Flaming Dagger” 7″

Black/occult metal from the enigmatic Youth Attack label. A four track EP that follows on from the self titled album from the distant past of 2005. This is metal for them that likes it twisted and torturous. Noise made by misfits who probably struggle to find their comfort zone when mixing with society. They’re probably not easy company… and that’s ok, awkward introverts make for better creative minds. “Arts has maintained their throttling style while developing a heightened sense of enchantment that has been painstakingly crafted within their furtive denomination to achieve maximum poisonous effect.” …Or maybe they should get out more, afterall.

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