ZOMBI – “Zombi & Friends, Volume 1” LP


Relapse Records

Metallic silver vinyl. 2022

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Zombi – “Zombi & Friends, Volume 1” LP

A multi instrumental duo from Pittsburgh, USA who have been around for decades now. I discovered Zombi ages ago when they supported Isis, won over instantly by their spacy electro instrumentals that were a direct homage to the movie soundtracks of John Carpenter. This new album completely threw me: a collection of easy listening covers from The Doobie Brothers, to The Alan Parsons Project, Dionne Warwick, and Neil Diamond! “Ten Cosmic Covers”, albeit quite obscure, helped-out by members of The Sword, Trans Am, Pinkish Black, Zao and more. It is both very unusual, and a lot of fun. A bonkers idea, done exceedingly well, taking karaoke to a whole new level of sublime absurdity. If you’re open to it you are going to fall slightly in love with this album. Play it to a room fool of serious-minded music anoraks and they will be, Wow! who is this??! Zombi… who the fuck?!

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