YLEISET SYYT – “Toisten Todellisuus” LP


La Vida Es Un Mus

Black vinyl. 2022

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Yleiset Syyt – “Toisten Todellisuus” LP

A 12″ version of the two EPs by this hardcore punk band from Helsinki, Finland. Known primarily for their Ajatuskoneisto full-length released by Svart Records in 2017. Oh, and known also for their association with Kohti Tuhoa and Foreseen, who have becoming increasingly popular as the years go by. Realising that Yleiset Syyt were deserving of some further recognition Sorry State and La Vida Es Un Mus have teamed-up and compiled together the self-titled EP from 2019 and the Umpikujamekanismi EP from 2021 (both on Open Up And Bleed Records) onto one disc so that the rest of the world can catch-up. Classic 80’s Euro hardcore – Wretched, Rattus, Mellakka – that has been tightened-up, sharpened, and recalibrated for a new era, while maintaining the essential sense of desperation and wild ferocity.

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