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White vinyl. 2021

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Visions Of War / Arrogänt – Split LP

Two crust-punk throat-shredders from Belgium. Arrogänt play dark, heavy D-beat which draws an immediate comparison to Hiatus, Nausea and Unhinged (more so Unhinged) albeit updated to modern standards of blackened punk. This is their debut release, and they feature members of Capital Scum, Days Of Desolation, Travolta, Hetze, Monnier and King Terror. Visions Of War’s history stretches back a couple of decades, with countless releases, may of them splits (Hellkrusher, Cop On Fire). Their thuderous style of fast protest punk brings to mind Doom, Hiatus and ENT, but again, without sounding retro, this is rebooted and updated. Released by Not Enough Records, Loner Cult, Breeding For Existence, Phobia, Missing the point, Profane Existence and Scream Records.

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