Various – “Order Of The Kite Volume One” Double LP


Order Of The Kite

 Black vinyl. 2021

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“Order Of The Kite Volume One” Double LP

Feeling like you missed out on so many of the hardcore classics of 1980s Japan? Yep, you, and everyone else. Here is a big helping of catch-up: inside this bootleg-ish compilation (You can buy and sell copies on Discogs – I don’t think they are bootlegs exactly, maybe file under unofficial instead) there are these long lost gems: Anti-Septic First-Last from 1986, Crime Nuclear Blood 7″ flexi of ’85, Z Violence Action 7″ flexi ’88, Disarray 7″ flexi ’84, The Sexual The Last Days 7″ flexi ’85. Also included are some of the band’s compilation appearances, not least the end track by M78, a one-off project by members of Gas, Ghoul, Gastunk and Systematic Death. The Sexual’s tracks from the same compilation – the “自殺オムニバス” 8″ from 1985 – provide the highlights for this double LP compilation.

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