ACUTE – s/t LP


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 Includes fold-out insert and hand stamped inner sleeve. 2020


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Acute – self-titled LP

Sometimes we make sweeping generalisations about any given nation’s style of punk music, describing a record as sounding like typical Italian hardcore is absurd when you stop to think about it, and yet…. and yet, the moment the vocals and guitar riffs kick-in on this mini-album you damn well know Acute are straight-up Japanese hardcore. The dexterity and speed of the guitars, the crazed fury of the vocals, the unrelenting barrage of the beats all absolutely belong to a geographical location and its regional history. 6 tracks of unchained hardcore punk, originally released in 2017 as a CD on Crew For Life Records, following on from the previous Murder Notice EP of 2012. Couldn’t have come from anywhere else.

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