SAMUEL – “94-95” LP


Art Monk Construction / Org Music

Black and red swirled vinyl (500 copies). 2023

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Samuel S.C. – “94-95” LP

An anthology of seven songs from the 7″ EPs  by the recently reformed post-hardcore band that have now, for whatever reason, renamed themselves as Samuel S.C. (rather than just the old Samuel). A  much cherished band back in the mid 90s (as too was their earlier incarnation as Junction), who, like so many others in those days, took a large helping of Fugazi, Jawbox and Drive Like Jehu influences, and then in this instance, with their own distinct style, combined it with the alternative/indie rock of Belly, Superchunk and Tsunami. Made all the more special by both their fine-tuned musicianship plus the strong vocals of Vanessa Downing (a stand-out in a scene/time that was tragically short on female vocalists). Featured here are the two EPs released on their own Art Monk Construction label, plus the track from the split 7″ that they shared with Texas Is The Reason that was released by Simba Records.

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