RANK – “Brave New Lows” LP


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Rank – “Brave New Lows” LP

The debut release for a new Bristol based band, an 8 track mini LP that is a pure hardcore punk rager, somewhere between early Poison Idea and Hellnation… (from the opening roar of noise, personally, I immediately registered 9 Shocks Terror)… In the modern day scheme of things they rank (yeah, sorry) alongside Stray Bullet, Zero Again and Rat Cage; and there’s also distinct traces of the local region, as exemplified in recent years by Regret, No Pulse, Bullet Ridden etc. And, with that in mind, appropriately enough, Rank feature at least one member of Grand Collapse; plus on drums, Mark, an old comrade from the Southampton scene having played in No Substance and Whole In The Head, and more recently/currently Beginning Of The End/Agnosy.

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