PRIMUS – “Stanford University Broadcast, 1989” LP


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Primus – “Stanford University Broadcast, 1989” LP

A live radio broadcast by the Californian alternative-metal band, recorded before the release of their debut album Frizzle Fry. Featuring a selection of cuts from that album, less polished on the sound production, but the rough live quality doesn’t dampen their super-tight musicianship one jot. Definitely a marmite band, Les Claypool’s quirky cartoon voice wasn’t for everyone; and although I don’t own a Primus record myself (I was more of a Victims Family/Nomeansno fan) watching them play back in 1990 was a jaw-droppingly impressive experience. (And hey, fuck of a lot better than listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers). I should think Primus were a pretty big influence on Rage Against The Machine… maybe Mars Volta, too.

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