PISSED HAPPY CHLDREN – Complete Discography Double LP


Black Claw Records

Transparent blue and transparent yellow vinyl vinyl (154 copies), gatefold, includes stickers, inserts, patch and flyers. 2024

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Pissed Happy Children – “Pissed Playground LP / Vigilante EP / Graveyard At Sea / Live At Gilman” Double LP

The influential hardcore-punk band from Claremont, California. Active in the final few years of the 1980s, finally given the discography treatment in 2024. the PHD trio were well known characters, Joel ConnellShawn Connell (both ex Pillsbury Hardcore), and, with his instantly recognisable thunderous-bass, Eric Wood (fresh out of  Peace Corpse). Later becoming members of key power-violence bands too numerous to mention here in their entirety (Neanderthal, Man Is The Bastard, Charred Remains etc. etc.). Anyone fortunate enough to pick up a copy of Black Claw Record’s Pillsbury Hardcore discography of 2022 will know what to expect: an insane amount of extra inserts and paraphernalia sandwiched within the gatefold sleeve – stickers, flyers, a patch, posters… it will take you half a day to unpack and process it all. Music-wise, this contains the Pissed Playground full-length , the Vigilante EP (both on New Beginnings Records, 1988-89), the track “Graveyard At Sea” from the Hippycore Earth Rapers And Hell Raisers 7″ compilation, and a previously unreleased eight song Gilman set from 1988.

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