PERSECUTOR – “Babylon’s Ashes” 7”


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 vinyl. 2023

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Persecutor – “Babylon’s Ashes” 7”


fast hardcore leaning into influences of powerviolence and grind with influences such as Despise You, Poison Idea, Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, Extortion & Suffer (Australia). As a band themes revolve heavily around experiences of racism as a person of color (singer is South African – Australian), decolonization theory, anti-imperialist ideas and the hopelessness of combating the ever encroaching fascism within our hyper-capitalist westernized world. This record combines the band’s earlier demo sound of bands like Coke Bust, Barge & Los Crudos with a more powerviolence/grind edge. Sonically the record also leans heavily into African themes with a Djembe intro, Gil Scott-Heron samples and an outro of Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison singing the controversial anthem “Umkhonto we Sizwe” (uMkhonto we Sizwe was the armed wing of the African National Congress [ANC]), which brings together the lyrical themes of the record.




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