NEUTRALS – “Bus Stop Nights E.P.” 7″


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White vinyl repress, includes beer mat and postcard. 2022

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Neutrals – “Bus Stop Nights E.P.” 7″

The third EP by Oakland’s post punkers, Neutrals. Perhaps the most British sounding recording to have ever come out of California – which on the whole is largely down to the distinct vocals of Glaswegian expatriate, Alan Mcnaughton – who I’ve know since his days bass-ing in Glue back in th 90s; and since moving overseas has popped-up in Giant Haystacks and then Airfix Kit (all the while slaving-away in those satanic mills of M.R.R). Bright, clean guitar-strumming and chanty vocals – retro, for sure, and orientated more towards brash, 1980’s DIY indie pop than the sombre gloominess of post punk; it brings to mind the Wedding Present and Television Personalities, while the track “Gary Borthwick Says” is a fun homage to “Preposterous Tales” by I, Ludicrous.

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