MARRON – “Terrenos” LP


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 Hand printed sleeves. 2017

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Marron – “Terrenos” LP

This is their debut full length and follow-up to the self-titled 12″ from 2015, and it is essential for for anyone who gets excited over the merest hint of Revolution Summer. Marron are from California, (and like Fuel before them), they take large inspiration from the Washington DC scene, specifically the one documented by Sammich Records. There’s no hiding the influence of Swiz in the pugilistic vocal style. Also, some Rites Of Spring and Rain in the guitar-bass-drum interaction. And therefore, not disimilar in style to DC contempories, Give. For those keeping track, this band has members of Descarados, Tragatelo, Esperanza, and Mugre.

listen here via Verugo Record’s bandcamp


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