KEN MODE – “Success” LP


Seanson Of Mist

Blue vinyl (300 copies), gatefold sleeve. 2015

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Ken Mode – “Success” LP

A Canadian noise rock trio with a few other albums already under their belt, and a few more since. Previously they had courted both sides of the punk/metal aisle, but on this album from 2015 they began fine-tuning their penchant for chaotic, abrasive noise rock. Which means they tick the necessary boxes if Shellac, Unsane, Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans make you feel good. Recorded by Steve Albini (for that extra drum thump), nine tracks of misanthropic aggression, that throbs with rage and blown-out menace; after all, Ken Mode’s name comes from the Rollins mantra “kill everyone now” (later re-used by fellow Canadians Nomeansno, of course).

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