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GUYANA PUNCH LINE – “Maximum Smashism” LP


Prank Records

Includes 20 page booklet. 1999

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Guyana Punch Line – “Maximum Smashism” LP

A nutty-as-hell hardcore punk band from Columbia, South Carolina, whose members had previously been in Prank bands such as Antischism/Initial State and the crazy (and very wonderful) screamo outfit In/Humanity. The band recorded this album in 1999, and broke up sometime around 2004. An explosive mix of Swing Kids, Orchid, Rudimentary Peni and Assfactor 4 – and yes, it is that good. I stocked this album back in the late early noughts and old original copies are still in circulation (at old ’00s prices, too!). This is a reflection of the quantity pressed rather than the quality – Prank Records, to their credit, avoided collectability in favour of accessibility, pressing up thousands of (cheap priced) copies of their releases, the majority of which were of a very high standard of DIY punk music. I love it that they are still available…

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