HOPE CONSPIRACY – “Confusion / Chaos / Misery” LP


Deathwish Inc.

Swamp green vinyl (500 copies). 2024

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The Hope Conspiracy – “Confusion / Chaos / Misery” 12″ EP

Since their last release – True Nihilist, 2009 – members of this Boston, US hardcore outfit have been active in a multitude of bands: All Pigs Must Die, Hesitation Wounds, Lies, Paint It Black, Spiral Heads, Ways Away and more. Re-emerging as The Hope Conspiracy fourteen years later to confront the present day dystopia with a new four song EP. Giving it loads of hellfire and thunderous fury, the inclusion of an Anti-Cimex cover (“Dogfight”) feels very apt as Scandinavian crust-punk, from across the decades, sounds like the overriding influence for The Hope Conspiracy’s latest chapter. Engineered by Kurt Ballou and Zach Weeks at God City Studios. Artwork for the release was created by acclaimed artist Alexander Heir (Death/Traitors).

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