HIRS – “The Second 100 Songs” LP


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Green vinyl. 2018

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The HIRS Collective – “The Second 100 Songs” LP

The collective of “freaks, faggots, friends, lovers, and favorites”, and defiant defenders of trans, queer, poc, black, women and any and all other folks who have to constantly face violence, marginalization, and oppression. Unversed in any notion of self restraint, as the title suggests, this is their second LP to, literally, compile together 100 songs, and I wouldn’t want to even begin to list where all these tracks have been culled from (split cassettes, split 7″s, compilations etc. etc.). Shitloads of them are cover versions – Charles Bronson, Spazz, Sore Throat, Napalm Death, Pansy Division, Jud Jud, etc. etc. 

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