OPEN CITY – “Hands In The Honey Jar” LP


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Blue and white vinyl. 2023

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Open City – “Hands In The Honey Jar” LP

A group of experienced musicians based in Philadelphia who have worked and lived through many eras of punk and hardcore. Vocalist Rachel Rubino previously sang in Bridge And Tunnel; Andy Nelson and Dan Yemin play in the recently revived Paint It Black (and between them have also played in Ceremony, Lifetime/Kid Dynamite and countless others); Chris Wilson has a lengthy resume of past experience, and significantly, is currently drumming in Hammered Hulls. Finding their feet within Open City, this new album feels like a profound step-up from their self-titled debut of 2017. Hey Dischord and DC heads, does a mix of Fire Party and Swiz sound like a good idea? Then, bingo, you got it. And, keeping in mind their combined past/present experience, you get a lot more too. Contemporaries of Praise, Gouge Away, The HIRS Collective and Truth Cult.

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