HIGH VIS – “No Sense No Feeling” LP


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Blue vinyl (1250 copies), includes download. 2023

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High Vis – “No Sense No Feeling” LP

This London band straddle over a few different camps, and they are are an unusual amalgamation of indie and punk, past, present and (maybe) future, which help makes them stand out from amongst the crowd. That, and an additional touch of success when it comes to the delivery of a good memorable tune. Formed in 2016 from the ashes of Dirty Money, City Dweller, Tremors, DiE, and The Smear –  adopting the strong-opinion, shouty-rants of recent UK indie bands, but also, crucially, maintaining a buzzing energy that is boosted by some Fugazi-ish post-hardcore dynamics, plus an agitated post-punk grittiness.  This is the umpteenth pressing of the UK /Venn Records version of their 2019 full-length debut. (The US version on Six Feet Under is also still available).

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