HIGH VIS – “Blending” LP


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‘Orange White Smash’ vinyl (1500 copies), includes download. 2023

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High Vis – “Blending” LP

The second album by the this London-based post-punk buzz-band finds them opening their viewfinder wider than ever before. “Alongside longstanding favourites such as Fugazi and Echo And The Bunnymen, Ride and even Flock Of Seagulls were shared reference points as the band worked on this album together.” Baggy Manchester indie-pop also rears its ugly head, and credit to High Vis, they more than get away with it (who would have thought punking-up Stone Roses could sound so innovative?). If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, confused by why they have become so popular, especially in the US, then play this album –  you will instantly discover the snarling joy and sneering exuberance of their huge, life-affirming tunes.

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