GUIMAUVE – “Azovstal” 7″


Guimauve Records

Black vinyl with insert. 2023

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Guimauve – “Azovstal” 7″

A six track debutĀ  for this DIY band from Paris who play a mix of hardcore punk and d-beat with a French touch (the lyrics are in French). Ideal if you are craving some European style hardcore (as opposed to a Euro band who merely trying to ape their favourite US band), Guimauve share much more in common with Golpe, Bombardement, Rat Cage, Irreal and Larma. The heaviness and noise factor is lowered in order to allow a burning spirits style of lighter-footed dexterity to rise to the fore, giving it a full-throttle urgency; modern and classic old school all rolled into one. Tres bien. If you’re still gnashing your teeth and wringing your hands because you missed out on those fantastic Anti Mob records several years ago, well, you’d be a chump if you didn’t grab a Guimauve 7″ quick as you can.

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