GUIDED CRADLE – “System Survivors” LP


Unrest Records

Yellow and black vinyl (1000 copies) gatefold sleeve. 2006

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Guided Cradle – “System Survivors” LP

A Prague based outfit who were active in the zeros decade. Exiles from the Seattle/Portland punk scenes teamed-up with natives from the Czech Republic – members of Dread 101, V.I.R, Oi Pollloi, 23rd Chapter and Hellshock – united by a shared love of the d-beat that was initially expressed through a covers band called… (wait for it)… Anti-Climax. A year later with the addition of second guitarist from the USA they decided to write their own material and became a proper band releasing their debut album on Damage Done Records in 2005 (later repressed by Canadian label Unrest in 2006). Eight tracks of raw d-beat punk, with a heavy built ferocity, like Extreme Noise Terror meets Anti-Cimex. A timeless formula.

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