GIVE – “Sonic Bloom” LP


Revelation Records

Red vinyl, includes insert. 2022

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Give – “Sonic Bloom” LP

The DC hardcore band that were born at the tail end of 2008 and then went on to enjoy several prolific years, releasing umpteen records on umpteen labels, culminating in this 12″ EP for Revelation Records in 2015. Slightly at odds with the times – somehow a reinvention of Swiz/Dag Nasty/Soulside would probably receive a bigger response now, rather than ten years ago. Unfortunate for Give whilst they were active, but it means their records still sound fresh and exciting today, and well worth giving another spin. Keep in mind, Turnstile covered a song by Give on the Move Thru Me EP. Give may never have been able to fulfil their ambition of releasing a record on Dischord, nonetheless, a 12″ on Revelation is a decent consolation prize.

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