DOOM- “Re-Viled” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve (vinyl colour unkown). 2022

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Doom  – “Re-Viled” Double LP

If I understand it correctly this is a re-titled version of “Fuck Peaceville” – the album that Doom (Doom Part Two, that is) recorded in 1995 (on Profane Existence) which was in itself a re-recording of all the old tracks that once appeared on the band’s earlier releases on Peaceville Records – such as the War Crimes (Inhuman Beings) LP, which admitedly, wasnt the best studio recording first time around. I guess also the split LP with No Security. I can’t be sure, I was never a huge fan of Doom, and although I used to see them play in the early days, that version of the band wasn’t so great, (dismissed at the time for merely being a Discharge clone. Oh, the irony!). The second line-up was a whole different beast, and so these recordings sound pretty damn ferocious, ranking alongside peak era ENT. Anyway, after patching-up with their poor old ex-label-boss (Fuck Peaceville? Really? The ungracious swine!), this project has finally been re-named Re-Viled. A happy ending for all concerned, I hope. Except for the fact that this US import is very highly priced, which is hardly in the spirit of the original version…

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