DISCREET- “This Is Mine” LP


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Black vinyl (300 copies), gatefold. 2023

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Discreet – “This Is Mine” LP

From Austin, hardcore punk with a tendency towards noise-rock that connects them to a legacy of Texan weirdos from times past – think Trance Syndicate Records, but combined with an Amphetamine Reptile heaviness. Kind of like Hoax, with some old school Cows influence. Bit of Brainbombs… and even Born Against, too. This is a band declaring we want our cakes, and we are going to eat them all, fuck you. And I applaud their musical greediness. Fourteen meditations on the realities of life, sex, addiction, and trauma. Featuring members of Total Abuse, Skeleton, Creepoid, and more.
“Holy shit—this record is a motherfukkr!!” – M.R.R.

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