DEAD KENNEDYS – “Frankenchrist” LP


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Black vinyl. 2018

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Dead Kennedys – “Frankenchrist” LP

The third Dead Kennedys album, released in 1985, three years after Plastic Surgery Disasters. Probably the peak era in terms of their international popularity, reflected perhaps in a musical shift which found them slowing down towards a less hardcore style of playing. But crucially, a change of pace that allowed Biafra’s vocal tirades to really take effect. Deeply satirical lyrical assaults that were findingĀ  their intended targets – social injustice, US foreign policy, corporate entertainment, rednecks bigots, high school jocks – and then smashing them with lethal precision. A very ferocious attack upon the the status quo of mid-80s America, one the greatest examples of fired-up social commentary to have come out of that country at any point in time… And then it ended-up in court on an obscenity trial.

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