DAY JOB – “The Auger” LP


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Random coloured vinyl, includes insert and DOWNLOADs. 2023

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Day Job – “The Auger” LP

A noise rock trio based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Shouty noise rock that easily finds a place amongst the current renaissance – Chatpile, Colonial Wound and Ken Mode, are other good examples – a style that judiciously pillages the back catalogues of Touch And Go and Amphetamine Reptile Records. Reinventing all the great things that worked best first time round, and then inserting all their modern day neurosis and angst (which probably isn’t hugely different to that which came before). On a quest for catharsis, seeking the sense and the sanity in a senselessly insane world; desperate vocals and awkward, dissonant guitar chords perfectly synced-in with the big chunky basslines and even bigger drum pounding. Three pieces, you gotta’ love ’em. Fans of Nomeansno, Jesus Lizard, Shellec/Albini, Killdozer (etc.) check it out, right now.

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