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Green (with black splatter) vinyl with one-sided screenprint (250 copies). 2022

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Blazing Tomb – Self-titled LP

A six track debut mini-album from Richmond, Virginia’s Blazing Tomb. Extra-thick ‘n heavy old-school death metal, throwing bolts all around the place like they were some kind of late 80’s band from the Midlands that may well have ended-up on Earache Records. Creator-Destructor Records has absolutely become the incubator of exciting new heavyweight bands for this decade, taking – as is the case with this debut one-sided LP by Blazing Tomb – old tried and tested formulas, giving them a mighty reinvention with an unwholesome refresh. Get on board if you like it heavy and metal, or, honest-to-satan, you’ll be regretting it in years to come, as these consistently delicious releases are being pressed in very low quantities…

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