BLACK VICE – “The Alchemist’s Vision” LP


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Translucent blue vinyl. 2020

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Black Vice – “The Alchemist’s Vision”

Atmospheric black metal… “with an animalistic quality, which lends itself well due to the fact that Vultuur (vocals) wears a giant bird skull during live rituals.” …ooh-kaay… Black Vice are USBM, and this is their debut full-length, following on from a split LP with fellow Texans Haunter. This has the right kind of elemental wildness and trangressive other-worldliness that you want in your blackened metal; with an added melodic virtuosity from the guitarist, Theia Mania, who favours the post-rock style of Deafheaven, (as opposed to the sped-up heavy metal vibe of someone like Wolves In The Throneroom). Mr Mania, I salute your nimble fingered technique. All in all, proper cathartic.

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