ANTI CIMEX – “Victims of a Bomb Raid” LP


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Gatefold sleeve. 2018

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Anti-Cimex – “Victims of a Bomb Raid: 1982-1984” LP

A collection of classic K√§ngpunk: The Anarkist Attack 7″ from 1982, the Raped Ass 7″ from 1984, and the Victims of A Bomb Raid 7″ of 1984. And yes, this is the Back On Black reissue – a stupid, money-grabbing business concern, that is nothing more than a dirty bootleg label with a thin veil of respectability. I’d normally have nothing to do with them, but I wasn’t paying attention, got over-excited, as you do with Anti-Cimex, and bagged some copies without noticing the name of the ‘record label’. My error. Oh well, get shot of ’em quick.

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