ALKALINE TRIO – “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire” LP


Asian Man Records

Orange vinyl with red splatter (1000 copies, hand numbered). 2023

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Alkaline Trio – “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire” LP

Their second album, it was released on Asian Man Records in 2000. Ten tracks of aggressive melodic-punk, rich in self-parody and hungover self-reflection. This is the 1-2-3-4 Go! Records exclusive version on orange with red splatter vinyl, hand-numbered out of 1,000 copies. I love early Alkaline Trio records for a number of reasons… do you remember those old Propagandhi songs when John K. Samson (before he began Weakerthans) got to take the lead vocals? Alkaline Trio are like a whole album’s worth of those brief moments of glory. During those years when Dan Andriano was on bass duties and sharing vocals/song-writing they were like a Husker Du for their generation. Ok, so they weren’t as ground breaking as Husker Du… but they did write better lyrics! Any band that sings crummy love songs are ok with me if those crummy love songs include lines like “Remember last April when we saw US Maple?”.

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