ZULU – “A New Tomorrow” Tape Cassette


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Zulu – “A New Tomorrow” Tape Cassette

The first full-length album from this LA hardcore, who, armed with a stash-load of indignant fury and social outrage, have further pushed boundaries of power-violence and grindcore into exciting new, uncharted, territories. Places that other bands have tried exploring, but more often than not, theirs are missions that are best forgotten about, for they were rarely as successful as this. Toying with different instrumentation and samples, and pulling influences ranging from reggae, hip hop, soul, funk to death metal, the result is 15 tracks that are both courageous, bold and, to be honest, kind of mind blowing. Like, some kind of tectonic shift is taking place deep within the underground of California. And that, as a cultural event, is bloody exciting. Also on board for this project were members of Soul Glo and Truth Cult.

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