WOLF WHISTLE – “Private Hell” LP



Black vinyl, 350 copies, includes download. 2019

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Wolf Whistle – “Private Hell Or The Afternoon Blueness From A Windowsill In Acushnet” LP

A side project of sorts for members of Rival Mob, Wound Man and Have Heart/Fiddlehead. Taking a hardcore base to explore slower-paced noise rock territory; this is disconcertingly dark and malevolent, not dissimilar to Daughter’s less twisted moments, joined with a Big Business style distorto-boistrousness. There are hints also of notorious elders of the genre: Unsane, Laughing Hyenas, Oxbow, Melvins. An interesting depature from the norm, for both Patrick Flyn (who really gets to show off some vocal versatility here), and for the label, Triple B.

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