WARCYCLE – “Manifesting Barbarity” 7″


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Black vinyl, includes insert. 2023

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Warcycle – “Manifesting Barbarity” 7″

From Perth, Australia, Warcycle originally came onto the radar with their debut 7″ Legalized Slaughter in 2019. Wall-of-guitar noise punk that folk used to call crasher, and I still want to call it crasher, so I will: it’s near perfect crasher chaos that combines, say, Kromosom and Framtid, with an additional level of lethality and desperate intensity. Earlier versions of super-distorted crasher punk often suffered with low production values which didn’t always help matters. Now, no one would accuse this EP of being over-produced, far from it, but in recent years bands, like Warcycle, seem to have figured-out how to get the best results out of a recording session. Or maybe modern folk are just getting better at making extreme noise…? Whatever, this is a crasher-smasher.

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