VANDAMPIRE – “The last good thing has happened” LP


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Clear vinyl with black smoke (250 copies), includes insert. 2022

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Vandampire – “The last good thing has happened” 12″ EP

The vinyl debut for this heavyweight London-based three piece. Previously made available in 2020 on CD format via Trepanation Records, the vinyl pressing, well, it took a lot longer to get pressed than we expected… Since the recording and initial release of The last good thing has happened Vandampire have become a fourpiece with the addition of a second guitarist, and a full-length album is already in the works.
It is heavy, and it is loud. There are gentle moments of tension too, with vocals that are sung, and then vocals that are shouted, and screamed. Is it post rock? Doom metal? Post-hardcore? I dunno… give it a listen and figure it out for yourself…. Featuring ex members of And They Will Riot and Serena Joy – two bands that were integral to Dorset’s  We Heart Records label from a few years ago. And I was always a huge fan of both bands. I’ve also played with guitarist Matt in a couple bands myself – albeit bands that failed to travel much further than the garage – and therefore I have always been interested to follow where his talent lead next. And so here we are…
The amazing sleeve artwork/painting is by Cheryl of We Heart Records. Music recorded by Vandampire. A five track mini-album record released by me, on clear vinyl with black smoke, and limited to 250 copies.

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