UNIT PRIDE – “Then And Now” LP


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White vinyl. 2015

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Unit Pride – “Then And Now” LP

A late-’80s youth-crew hardcore band from California’s Bay Area, this collection includes the long-out-of-print Then And Now 7”, originally released in 1988 on Step Forward Records, as well as their even rarer, self-released Holding On Strong demo from 1987. Unit Pride were second division sXe copying the style of Youth Of Today and Uniform Choice, but as any connoisseur of this style of 80’s hardcore knows only too well: second division still spells ‘woah, must fucking have it ‘cos it will still be a total blast’ (that’s second division in the sense of Brotherhood, Up Front, Impact Unit etc. – they might not be considered as all-time classics, sure, but you would still protect an original pressing with your life). Unsophisticated, raw and lo-fi, but also bursting with youthful potential and the promise of future things to come (the singer, Eric Ozenne, went on to front The Nerve Agents, Redemption 87, and Said Radio).
These are the remaining copies from Record Store Day 2015 on white vinyl and are only available for a limited time.

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